Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Below you will find different resources and descriptions of why we recommend them!

Polysecure - Jessica Fern

We reference this book in our conversation card games. It does a great job of breaking down attachment styles/insecurities, how they may show up in your relationships, and tips on how to establish secure attachment. The 2nd part of the book breaks down ethical-non monogamy/polyamory, terminology, and how to overcome difficulties with secure attachment in your polyamorous relationships. It is our go-to recommendation for polyamory literature and provides massive perspective to how we may how up in relationships.

All About Love - bell hooks

bell hook's "All About Love" is a must read and highly recommended. It helps takes away the exclusivity that we put into love and expands on how we can express it in healthy and healing ways.

The Jealousy Handbook - Kathy Labriola

There is a misconception that jealousy does not show up in polyamory, but it does! It is something that we have to intentionally and actively work on, and this book is a perfect way to help get you on track.

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